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    April, 2017: TTU President's Academic Achievement Award

    February, 2016: Commercialization in the Classroom Video -- Celebrating 10 years of mentoring by Mr. Marc Gunderson, RCOBA Entrepreneur-in-Residence

    December, 2014 to present: Wheatley Fellow Appointment

    Handbook of Entrepreneurial Cognition (Edward Elgar, December 2014) - - (Ideas for top-tier research in the field of entrepreneurial cognition)

    May, 2013: Wheatley Distinguished Visiting Professor in Ethics Award

    TEDx Lubbock, September 29, 2012: Expert Entrepreneur Mentor Project: Entrepreneurs of the World Unite - Free Captive Knowledge"

    Expert Mentor Project

    Description of Colleague-centered Book (Edward Elgar, March 2011) "In Search of Research Excellence" - - (How to conduct and publish top tier entreprenuership research)

    Texas Tech "Integrated Scholar 2009" Profile

    You Tube video: Texas Tech "Integrated Scholar 2009"