Fall 2017
BA 5322: Technology Commercialization
Instructor: Dr. Ron Mitchell

Welcome to BA 5322: STEM MBA - Technology Commercialization, Fall, 2017

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A. Course Documents:

  • Course Syllabus

  • Student Learning Objective Priorities

    MediaSite recordings of every class. Access these in 6 steps:

    1. Go to http://gradmedia.ba.ttu.edu.
    2. Enter your eRaider credentials.
    3. On the left-hand side, select Current Classes (2017_FALL).
    4. Select BA 5322
    5. Select the Section 001 Folder.
    6. This will bring you to the recorded presentations, separated by the recorded dates.

    B. Additional Class Resources

  • Dr. Mitchell's Notes on Dry-Run Presentations 11-30-17

  • Dr. Mitchell's Notes on Preview Presentations 11-28-17

  • Dr. Mitchell's Notes on 1st Two.ppt Presentations 11-07-17

  • Dr. Mitchell's Notes on Last Two .ppt Presentations 11-09-17

  • Dr. Mitchell's Notes on Financial Section Excel and .ppt Presentations 11-14-17

  • Business Model Canvas with Explanations

  • Business Model Canvas Creation: Data Entry Template

  • Living Case Note Taking Blank Format

  • Business Plan Boilerplate: One model of a business plan for use to cut and paste

  • Business Plan Development Guide: Your Resource Guide for preparing a business plan

  • Diagram of the stage and gate commercialization technique

  • The Stakeholder Salience Article Resource Reading for those who are interested

  • The NVT Rating Form

    Financial Projections Template #1 and Sample .ppts and Exec Summaries from the 1990s:

  • "Financial Projections Template"


    Expanded Executive Summaries:

    My Computer.com

    PowerPoint Presentations:

    My Computer.com

    C. Specific Class Resources:

    Class 1: (Discussion only)

    Class 2:

  • Class 2 Reading: MM Chapter 1-Searching

  • Class 2: PowerPoint Presentation on Commercializing (monetizing)

  • Class 2 Reading: "Unleash Ideas" for possible Class 2 Quiz

  • (Optional) Reading on Intellectual Property (IP)

    Class 3:

  • Class 3 Reading: (Repeat) MM Chapter 1-Searching

  • Repeat: "Unleash Ideas"

  • Class 3: PowerPoint Presentation on Product Concepts and UNRELATED NOVELTY

    Class 4:

  • Class 4: PowerPoint Presentation

  • Class 4 Reading: MM Chapter 2-Screening Venture Opportunities (Don't forget VAS Workbook pp. 1-38 also)

  • Access to NVT e-coaching Lectures:

    e-Lecture 1 - Innovation

    e-Lecture 2 - Value

    e-Lecture 3 - Persistence

    e-Lecture 4 - Scarcity

    e-Lecture 5 - Non-appropriability

    e-Lecture 6 - Flexibility

    NVT e-coaching Lecture OVERHEADS (as they appear in the videos):
    e-Lecture 1: Innovation
    e-Lecture 2: Value
    e-Lecture 3: Persistence
    e-Lecture 4: Scarcity
    e-Lecture 5: Non appropriability
    e-Lecture 6: Flexibility

  • Access the NVT Website

  • (Optional) Journal article reporting NVT effectiveness

    Class 6:

  • Class 6 Reading: MM Chapter 3-Planning/Financing

    Class 7:

  • Class 7 PowerPoint - Guided Tour of the PPM

  • "Example PPM"

  • "Example Operating Agreement"

  • "Background information on Reg D, PPM's etc."

    Class 10:

  • Class 10 Reading: MM Chapter 4-Setup

    Class 12:

  • Class 12 Reading: MM Chapter 5-Startup


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  • "Example PPM"
  • "Example Operating Agreement"
  • "Background information on Reg D, PPM's etc."